一叶障目不识泰山。— Can’t see Tai mountain because eyes are obstructed by a leaf. Penetrating the leaf to see Tai mountain. Penetrating the appearance to find the essence—root causes of social and countries’ disruption without any prejudice, preference and hatred. We have to find the original cause and understand the developing process of discrepancies and conflicts no…Read more Clairvoyance


World—social conflict

Human world outlook, philosophy and value theory are various and unchangeable after shaped. — Probably because of different families, education backgrounds, different society, let alone different countries, different cultures, etc.  Therefore, “道不同,不相为谋”—孔子“论语”。— People can’t cooperate if they had diametrically discrepant values, world outlook and philosophy of life.—Confucius “The Analects of Confucius” “人以群分,物以类聚。”— “周易”— The people…Read more World—social conflict

Glade-Spirit and inner world

Drawing and music can penetrate artists' mind and soul. There must be a glade in everybody's heart--spirit and inner world. Excerpt, jottings and drawing are good habits to keep levelheaded aplomb. Theme-- human and nature-- flowers, birds, fish, insects and beasts--earth and universe. Nature is pulchritudinous and powerful. Nature always gives human retaliation after we…Read more Glade-Spirit and inner world

World- Changes

Nobody could envision that artificial intelligence robot will be superseded human on some jobs if back to 1946 when the first computer was invented. And probably artificial intelligence robot will be superseded human in more realms as sustained development of science and technology. Human have to enhance the depth and scope of knowledge to avoid…Read more World- Changes