Aftermath of wars: “Those rituals are reflected in the way we honor the nearly 3,000 who died in the 2001 terrorist attacks. Along with connections between the Civil War and Sept. 11, Faust noted important differences, most significant that many of those who died on 9/11 were neither mindful of their coming sacrifice nor asked…Read more World—wars


World- Changes

Nobody could envision that artificial intelligence robot will be superseded human on some jobs if back to 1946 when the first computer was invented. And probably artificial intelligence robot will be superseded human in more realms as sustained development of science and technology. Human have to enhance the depth and scope of knowledge to avoid…Read more World- Changes

World and countries

“Preventing war will require tremendous skill and acumen from diplomats and policymakers.” – “There is one foreign policy goal that matters above all the others, and that is to keep the United States out of a new war, whether in Syria, North Korea, or elsewhere... … If we instead used our vast knowledge, economic…Read more World and countries