Colorful world-succulent plants

I'm keen on visiting flowers and plants market once a month even longer because this market is far away from city. This is a succulent plant shop in this market and merchant told me that these plants are from the largest succulent base thus they are always sending some drop leaves as gift to consumers. I bought…Read more Colorful world-succulent plants



一叶障目不识泰山。— Can’t see Tai mountain because eyes are obstructed by a leaf. Penetrating the leaf to see Tai mountain. Penetrating the appearance to find the essence—root causes of social and countries’ disruption without any prejudice, preference and hatred. We have to find the original cause and understand the developing process of discrepancies and conflicts no…Read more Clairvoyance

My drawing-Nature queen

Peony is the queen of flower and peacock is the king or queen of birds in China. I like nature and those creative fantasy art so much. Gothic elements are delicate and brilliant details no matter architecture or other stuff as jewelry and art. I was inclined on using Photoshop not just for retouching and…Read more My drawing-Nature queen