The cultural discrepancies of China’s South and North

The cultural differences of China’s South and North are tremendous, let alone the differences among the states—Character, family education, living habits, eating, etc. My family is a representative amalgamation of South and North—father is from ChengDu, SiChuan; mother is from BeiJing thus conflict is inevitable and all of conflicts are domestic trifles as live habits…Read more The cultural discrepancies of China’s South and North

Grow to maturity-Life

Human Life depends on people’s attitude—optimistic and positive or depraved and lackadaisical. A gorgeously fascinating manor will be a waste land without trimming.- A highbred well cultivated person will be the rubbish if deprave for a long time. Therefore, manor need frequently trim and the human thought need forge and cultivate to sublimate. There is…Read more Grow to maturity-Life

Discrepancy of the chinese and amercian-Dance and dancers

Salubrious and natural life and psychology. Misty Compeland—ballerina and the first African American Female Principal Dancer with the prestigious American Ballet Theatre. She published a book—“ballerina body—dancing and eating your way to a leaner, stronger, and more graceful you.” And staying positive to life in any situation. She shared her life story with students and…Read more Discrepancy of the chinese and amercian-Dance and dancers

Chinese traditional morality –Friendship

1.孔子曰:益者三友,损者三友。友直,友谅,友多闻,益矣。友便辟,友善柔,友便佞,损矣。  Confucius said:  There are three kinds of wonderful friends and three kinds of bad friends: Good friends are: integrity, forgiveness, great experience and knowledge to exchange. Bad friends are: They’re keen on flattery and sycophancy, always calumniate you behind your back but they pretend to esteem in front of you, and they’re inclined on…Read more Chinese traditional morality –Friendship

The integrity of China’s online market

Penetrating China's online integrity through little plants.   I seldom buy anything online due to China’s dealers are too cunning to rely. I always advise my friends and relatives go to plants markets to buy plants in person. I'm inclined on searching for those plants online after I bought from plants markets because I never knew…Read more The integrity of China’s online market

GRE and TOEFL in China

I keep abreast of current events by skimming news but seldom peruse them or analyze the structure of sentences thus I need something to regulate my desultory mind. TOEFL & GRE in China: (a long story) need courage to “rob the seat” with “parachute kids”, moreover, there are many uneven training institutions, especially, TOEFL, almost…Read more GRE and TOEFL in China