Military Training of China’s high school and university

Military training as study—“teachers lead students into study but what they will get and remember due to their self-cultivation.” This kind of military training is to train students to get strict military discipline and team spirit because at least a row will be punished if one of them faulted. The intension of military training of high school…Read more Military Training of China’s high school and university

Taoism book—Trilogy of “Tao de ching”—Excerpt of Taoist scriptures & Morals

“Tao de ching” is China’s first philosophy work written by Lao Tzu in Spring and Autumn period(770 B.C-476 B.C). The intersection of Taoism and Buddhism.   Taoist scriptures 道,可道,非常道;名,可名,非常名。无,名天地之始;有,名万物之母。故常无,欲以观其妙;常有,欲以观其徼。此两者,同出而异名,同谓之玄。玄之又玄,众妙之门。   It’s not constant and eternal Tao if can be depicted by languages. It’s not constant and eternal conception if can be nominated by characters. “Nothing”…Read more Taoism book—Trilogy of “Tao de ching”—Excerpt of Taoist scriptures & Morals

Chinese traditional morality –study and work

正以处心,廉以律己,忠以事君,恭以事长,信以接物,宽以待下,敬以处事, 此居官之七要也。  Seven Rules of being officials: Have to have an honest and honorable heart. Have to be probity and integrity. Have to be allegiance to your country, have to esteem elders, have to be integrity to friends, have to be tolerance and lenience to subordinates, have to be reverent when solve works.   2.子曰:默而识之,学而不厌,诲人不倦,何有于我哉。 …Read more Chinese traditional morality –study and work

GRE and TOEFL in China

I keep abreast of current events by skimming news but seldom peruse them or analyze the structure of sentences thus I need something to regulate my desultory mind. TOEFL & GRE in China: (a long story) need courage to “rob the seat” with “parachute kids”, moreover, there are many uneven training institutions, especially, TOEFL, almost…Read more GRE and TOEFL in China

Family education in China

The differences between urban schools and rural schools in China. The problem of china's education is the big gap of quality of teachers, curriculum and hardware facilities between urban school and rural school; Most of rural students learned those required courses for exam only--Chinese, English, mathematics, physics, Biology, chemistry, history, politics and geography.   They’ve…Read more Family education in China

Non-linear Editing and Digital Video Post-production of my major (Journalism)

We learned this for avoiding ambiguity when writing news, shooting videos and editing.   Our video post-production course was not professional and complicate as visual effects supervisor. In other words, we are sciolists if compare with supervisors. We made some simple effect as a dissolve effect by a simple functional operation and a little bit…Read more Non-linear Editing and Digital Video Post-production of my major (Journalism)

“Deep-rooted bad habits” of the chinese

“Deep-rooted bad habits” is bad qualities and deleterious psychological needs: Bystander, official position, exception, servility as virus in society. Nations have no permanent friends or allies; they only have permanent interests.—Lord Palmerston Most of Chinese are mercenary and insular hirelings and belie this sentence to the relationship of human. They are keen on disguised replacement…Read more “Deep-rooted bad habits” of the chinese