chinese culture– The origin of martial art

The origin of martial art is "五禽戏" created by HuaTuo. Five-animal Plays is the research of Modern Medicine and Taoism Idea with QiGong. Five-animal Plays is Dynamic health therapy. It can strengthen the body through imitating the moves and expressions of animals and can make people moves flexible, coordinate the equilibrius, improve the function of joint…Read more chinese culture– The origin of martial art


Chinese culture–TaiJi–QiGong

Taiji(Tai Chi) : Chen style, Yang style, Wu style, Sun style etc.—the balance of Yin and Yang. Qigong is the basic training of Taiji—all of the temporal things are natural and all of them should be complied with nature. Three parts of Qigong: Regulation of heart, regulation of breathing and regulation of body.   Most…Read more Chinese culture–TaiJi–QiGong