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Normal life in China

Probably this news just some little news on the newspaper or website but all of them are significant to our lives.   This society already in a quirky circle: cheap things must be not good and expensive or luxury things still not good or they are forgeries. Moreover, most of the Chinese like those bargains…Read more Normal life in China

Regimen quotation of “Huang Di Nei Jing”—Chinese medical book

 Human have to have abstemious habit (save stomach) and a regular daily life and never had delusion or work too hard (save spirit). And human can’t have excessive sexual intercourse let alone casual sex because semen is bone marrow (save life).   Don't spit too far or it will hurt your vigour.   You will…Read more Regimen quotation of “Huang Di Nei Jing”—Chinese medical book

Chinese medical in my eyes

Chinese medicine is part of Chinese culture and with the theory of Buddhism and Taoism. According to the record of Huang Di Nei Jing ( Inner Canon of Huangdi ),Jin Gui Yao lue(Synopsis Of Prescriptions Of The Golden Chamber) and shang han lun(Treatise on Febrile Diseases) it's not only the medicine or herbs or acupuncture,but…Read more Chinese medical in my eyes

chinese culture– The origin of martial art

The origin of martial art is "五禽戏" created by HuaTuo. Five-animal Plays is the research of Modern Medicine and Taoism Idea with QiGong. Five-animal Plays is Dynamic health therapy. It can strengthen the body through imitating the moves and expressions of animals and can make people moves flexible, coordinate the equilibrius, improve the function of joint…Read more chinese culture– The origin of martial art

Chinese culture–TaiJi–QiGong

Taiji(Tai Chi) : Chen style, Yang style, Wu style, Sun style etc.—the balance of Yin and Yang. Qigong is the basic training of Taiji—all of the temporal things are natural and all of them should be complied with nature. Three parts of Qigong: Regulation of heart, regulation of breathing and regulation of body.   Most…Read more Chinese culture–TaiJi–QiGong