Miscellaneous views– trust

The trust among humanity is the long-term accumulation of bit by bit communication in normal times and the basis of trust is sincerity. Thus, I told my classmates “Don’t expecting any stranger could trust you in short time and there’s no point in explaining too much to those who overly suspicious all your words.” School…Read more Miscellaneous views– trust


Classmates’ records—thought

The formation of mind is inextricable with good friends. These three schoolmates were my classmates from childhood to high school. We mutually made nickname thus that nickname had been accompanying us to high school. They called me Panda and other schoolmates gave me some nicknames as my name’s homonym “滑雪”, BB (after “puppy-PP” transferred to my…Read more Classmates’ records—thought

Classmates Records-study

High school schoolmates’ records—record every word that schoolmate and friends want to tell me. China has been keeping advocating “alleviating burden from students” particularly this reform occurred when we were going to enter senior 3 meant that we had to add new content with old content and we noticed that books became larger than before.…Read more Classmates Records-study

Chinese traditional morality –study and work

正以处心,廉以律己,忠以事君,恭以事长,信以接物,宽以待下,敬以处事, 此居官之七要也。  Seven Rules of being officials: Have to have an honest and honorable heart. Have to be probity and integrity. Have to be allegiance to your country, have to esteem elders, have to be integrity to friends, have to be tolerance and lenience to subordinates, have to be reverent when solve works.   2.子曰:默而识之,学而不厌,诲人不倦,何有于我哉。 …Read more Chinese traditional morality –study and work

There’s a thing called “faith”-there’re some persons called “friends”

Unadulterated friendship is precious treasure to me. I was lugubrious when some of my friends became perfidious, mercenary and cynical misers probably because of this society. Here's a story that my best friend wrote to me before we graduated . "Grass and maple-dream, faith"   Long time ago, there was a little grass grew along…Read more There’s a thing called “faith”-there’re some persons called “friends”

Chinese in foreigners’ eyes

The Chinese and china’s culture are never be straightforward but unfathomable. I used Skype when I was a fresher in university till 4 years ago, (I'd been learning Huang Di Nei Jin, something about Taoism and some Buddhism sutras from 2010-2013) we’dbeen chatting over 6 years, they told me how those chinese looked like in their…Read more Chinese in foreigners’ eyes