Grow to maturity-Life

Human Life depends on people’s attitude—optimistic and positive or depraved and lackadaisical. A gorgeously fascinating manor will be a waste land without trimming.- A highbred well cultivated person will be the rubbish if deprave for a long time. Therefore, manor need frequently trim and the human thought need forge and cultivate to sublimate. There is…Read more Grow to maturity-Life


Discrepancy of the chinese and amercian-Dance and dancers

Salubrious and natural life and psychology. Misty Compeland—ballerina and the first African American Female Principal Dancer with the prestigious American Ballet Theatre. She published a book—“ballerina body—dancing and eating your way to a leaner, stronger, and more graceful you.” And staying positive to life in any situation. She shared her life story with students and…Read more Discrepancy of the chinese and amercian-Dance and dancers