Classmates Records-little school-big world-miscellaneous people-listen to everybody’s story

Everybody has their own circle of friends—classmates still communicate with different people. There were several kinds of students of a class—pedants were always staying in top 10, never went out of classroom, and only talked with several students and content had never left study. Particularly the top one student of our entire grade—our class teacher…Read more Classmates Records-little school-big world-miscellaneous people-listen to everybody’s story


“Natural science” courses in China

China's high school schedule & China's college entrance examination “Natural science” is the basic collection of physics, chemistry, biology and geography in elementary school and divided into physics, chemistry, biology and geography in senior high school. Physics, chemistry and biology distribute to science and geography distribute to “liberal art” with politics and history when we were…Read more “Natural science” courses in China

GRE and TOEFL in China

TOEFL & GRE in China: (a long story) need courage to “rob the seat” with “parachute kids”, moreover, there are many uneven training institutions, especially TOEFL because TOEFL equal to senior middle school level of Chinese-tedium thus those institutions fully understand its rules as key point must be some stationary phrase, hence, the Chinese are…Read more GRE and TOEFL in China

Our Journalism

There were computer and calculus courses in journalism in two universities of SiChuan-a bit like selective courses particularly calculus. (Computer course were 2003 version VB and C language and 2003 version calculus textbook-coordinated with 2003 version high school math textbooks (hard to find calculus books from books box thus I downloaded this version calculus books from…Read more Our Journalism

Classmates’ records—miscellaneous views

The trust among humanity is the long-term accumulation of bit by bit communication in normal times and the basis of trust is sincerity. Thus, I told my classmates “Don’t expecting any stranger could trust you in short time and there’s no point in explaining too much to those who overly suspicious all your words.” School…Read more Classmates’ records—miscellaneous views

Classmates’ records—thought

The formation of mind is inextricable with good friends. These three schoolmates were my classmates from childhood to high school. We mutually made nickname thus that nickname had been accompanying us to high school. They called me Panda and other schoolmates gave me some nicknames as my name’s homonym “滑雪”, BB (after “puppy-PP” transferred to my…Read more Classmates’ records—thought

Classmates Records-study

High school schoolmates’ records—record every word that schoolmate and friends want to tell me. China has been keeping advocating “alleviating burden from students” particularly this reform occurred when we were going to enter senior 3 meant that we had to add new content with old content and we noticed that books became larger than before.…Read more Classmates Records-study

China—ivory tower was contaminated

Education is the future and vitality of a country and it can fundamentally change people’s thought. Although china is a populous country but already entered “no masters’ era”—education reform hasn’t been working well. This kind of problems is not only because of education department and system, but also the teaching method of teachers. Myriad mercenary…Read more China—ivory tower was contaminated