Dream is rhapsody not delusion and it’s the motivation of life.

Sorry for not that convenient to pay a return visit because I’m in China and showed page can’t be found.

Life’s always solemn that I’m accountable for what I said and wrote. Friends and families are always the key roles in my life thus I made friends prudently.

Spirit world is significant to humanities thus we need various kinds of stuff to enrich. I’m keen on:

  • Dancing(chinese classic dance (kinda like combination of ballet and modern dance), street dance as Ciara,beyonce and some great dancers), drawing(pencil and colored pencil  ),movies (producer,director: Steven Spielberg-from “ET” to “Transformers” & “Eagle eyes”), hike, climbing, Traditional Chinese medical science (permanent cure-prevention, regimen, convalescence), Western Medicine(side effects of medicine, cutting edge equipments and technology), Psychology, philosophy, Military, Taiji, Reading(sherlock holmes and still like modern sherlock holmes Henry Lee(李昌钰)”Dr. Henry Lee Detective Cases”), archaeology,politics, music( R&B, light music and Chinese classic music as “卷珠帘”)

I’m major in journalism. History and culture are the bases to comprehend this world well from various aspects-economy, culture, military or other aspects. And they can help humans understand those affairs what happening nowadays.
My motto and epigram is “be stronger than yesterday, the tougher the stronger”​ and “Constantly study and enhance knowledge till the end of my life.” I’m keen on sincere critique to find my weakness-We need to know our weakness and acknowledge these weaknesses to make up.

I’m practicing Taiji to keep health and reading something about “Physiological Psychology”  to know myself better because human most formidable foe is ourself.

Movies used to be part of my life. I’m keen on watching Sci-Fi, Action, Music, Cartoon and suspense movies. Sci-fi- those advantage weapons, deadly viruses and artificial intelligence; Suspense movies- logical thinking; Action and Music movies- life need dynamic elements and energy-as “Fast and Furious”, “The expendables” & “step up”, “stomp the yard”, and they’re the attitude of life- be positive. I like some Cartoons which could inspire me and everybody as “don’t forgo!”.
I’m walking with my faith and never be afraid of face to chanllenges and be honest is significant to human comunication.

Thanks for following and like. Sincerely!