Beginning of the Concept of DNA & Biopsychology in China

I suspected that why I utterly unlike mom from appearance, skeleton and personality because almost entire friends of my parents said that dad and I carved out from same mold. Therefore, I asked dad “why”. Dad joked “I absorbed spirit of heaven & earth and the essence of TianShan Mountain when I was solider in XinJiang.” I’ve never been suspected before learned “chromosome” from biology course and this course started at junior high school second year and terminated when we were sophomore in high school because selected “liberal arts”.
Dad told me that he deemed that have child is significant event in his life thus he read myriad books from America about cutting-edge science before have child as gene, genome, Biopsychology—relationship of mind-body to confirm that child could inherit outstanding genes. There were a profusion of translated foreign books, movies, TV drama and cartoons (Donald Dock and Mickey mouse, Peter Pan, Alice in wonderland, Tom and Jerry, etc) poured into China after reform and opening up in 1980.
Book record: they randomly selected 500 couples and their children to make a test to confirm their DNA from appearance, skeleton, intelligence and so on. They found out that those child inherited advantage from their parents whose parents sincerely loved each other, have empathic link.
There was a program about new breed of cat in America as short nose, bobtail, short legs and small ears and they created by genetic recombination. Obviously, all of them are pretty cute, however, their genes have flaws as low resistance, immunity and short life. There was news about clone dog because owners always feel heart-broken after lost their pets but didn’t tell they could clone their entire characters or not, particularly—personality.
Dad told me that telepathy is a brain wave and bioelectric current, and only exist in consanguinities as twins because I was inquisitive on this when I watched an experiment between twins. And telepathy can be transmitted at anywhere and any distance as quantum.
Biopsychology—mother’s body condition and baby can be affected by mother’s mood. It’s the evolution of cerebrum and behavior, cognition, motion control, motivation behavior, psychological phenomenon as mood and mental retardation and neural mechanism.
Biopsychology can scientifically expound “face is the index of mind and heart”. A psychologist showed that she could perceive a person’s appearance from voice in “Challenge” program. Rule: she has to find 3 photos of 10 participators by heard their voice and the logicality when they were answering questions. She said that she distinguished the width of their chins by articulation type and the position of accent (front section or ending of a sentence) and the person who has strong logicality must be having high brow bone.


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