World—social conflict

Human world outlook, philosophy and value theory are various and unchangeable after shaped. — Probably because of different families, education backgrounds, different society, let alone different countries, different cultures, etc. 
Therefore, “道不同,不相为谋”—孔子“论语”。— People can’t cooperate if they had diametrically discrepant values, world outlook and philosophy of life.—Confucius “The Analects of Confucius”
“人以群分,物以类聚。”— “周易”— The people who had same ideal, creed, values, world outlook and philosophy of life gather together as a group, the homogeneous objects classified together.—Taoism book “The Book of Changes”.
“酒逢知己千杯少,话不投机半句多。”—宋朝,欧阳修—Thousands of wines are still too little when drinking with bosom friend. There’s no need to talk or explain even half sentence with those who have utterly discrepant disagreement and you can’t accept thoroughly.—Song dynasty-Ouyang Xiu
Hence, can’t judge anything by simple right or wrong.
Bluntly, people who have diametrically discrepant thought can’t be communicating by mutual understanding hence we need mediator to reconcile their disagreement in civil case and international conflicts. Obviously, not all of cases and conflicts could be reconciled thus some cases appeal to the court. — SiChuan province made a new regulation about “square dance aunts” after the contradiction between “square dance aunts” and residents escalated, and an old aunt assaulted a policewoman in last two months because polices asked them to turn down the volume of acoustic system because of “China’s college entrance examination”. — Regulation prescribed that “square dance” has to far away from residential area at least 200 meters and volume can’t be over 50 decibels if in the park, public square and some public places.
All we can do is that manifest our attitude, stance, cognition and thought and probably somebody will be changed or made choice after our comprehensive explanation. This sort of people who changed or made choice because they already had this idea in their subconsciousness just not clear enough.
Foreigners asked some questions about China and the Chinese and almost all of questions were about some negative and uncivilized news of the Chinese in foreign countries as clamored in the public place, crouched along the street to eat food, lay on the bench and took off their shoes, carved in the historic site, the ignorance and shallowness of the Chinese, etc. I never thought that I could change their mind and cognition after I told something about China and Chinese to them but I deemed that I should tell them the truth about China and the Chinese. Some of them accepted and some of them were still disapprobative—told is enough no matter they accepted or not.
As some lascivious voluptuaries try to lure ignorant girls to do promiscuity or be prostitute online by saying some suggestive obscenities and propagate obscene thought. And some Arabians said they never esteemed women because of polygamy. Nobody would say that they already broke the law but we can say that we can’t accept these thought and cognition.
A Latino or an American mocked China and the Chinese that he or she never thought china had philosophy because this person thought the entire Chinese are barbarians and said he or she has never been came to China before and knew BeiJing only online. Therefore, some foreigners unconditionally despise the Chinese. I found out that there’s no use of what I said and showed evidence because we’ve diametrically discrepant cognition but I deemed that I should tell these content to this person even I knew that I couldn’t change anything because of rational behavior. As most of the Chinese deem that foreign countries are the paradise to make money thus myriad China’s parvenus send their children to foreign countries even at junior middle school but just a few of them knew that foreign countries still confront realistic problems as China and probably they face more grievous conflicts and social problems than us because some of foreign countries are immigrant countries and more open than China—political conflict, religious conflict, free speech and open more areas than China, particularly, network supervision, narcotic drugs as marihuana, cannabis and opioids, prostitution, gun control and so on.
One comment on yahoo news about “travel ban”—user said “we can’t communicate with those immigrants because they couldn’t speak English, seems they never interesting in the rules of owner and even giving birth in the bedroom.” —Social stability depends on all of humanity in this country no matter where you are from. Although China’s not an immigrant country but still confronts this kind of problems because of 56 nations and multi religion-main religions are Buddhism, Taoism, Islam, Christianity and Catholicism, particularly the contradiction between migrant workers and local residents is acute—myriad migrant workers are from rural area. Obviously, they stimulated economy by consumption, tenancy and buying house but brought myriad social problems also thus China published some new regulations to regulate their behaviors and ran some special schools for them to reinforce their knowledge and cognition to minimize the conflicts between migrant workers and residents.


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