Everything needs wisdom and savvy, and wisdom of Buddhism called “Pabbindriya”—the aptitude of comprehension.

Flowers are women because of pulchritude and trees are men—towering and powerful in China’s culture. It’s too solemn and religious if represent those auspicious flowers by Buddha thus called fairies.

First time found gorgeous, elegant and pulchritudinous fairies theme—manjusaka-mandarava—Lycoris radiate—nirvana-Vice will be eradicated once saw it. Manjusaka is from Sanskrit language and original meaning is the red flower from heaven.

Nirvana occurred when red manjusaka turned into white mandarava. Therefore, Nirvana is to get out from grievance, animosity and get selfless, infinite love and benevolence.

Excerpt of Buddhism story:

Sutra recorded: “majusaka—flowers bloom one thousand years and falls one thousand years. Flowers and leaves won’t be met forever.”

Majusaka—Maju and Saka were two person and they became plant because violated the law of heaven.

One day, Buddha came here and saw this extraordinary appearance plant with its bewitching red color. Buddha wanted to know its Arcanum thus carefully looked at it. Buddha was not sorrowful nor indignant, suddenly, he laughed three times and pulled it out from the ground. He said “you two couldn’t meet each other in previous existence and you two mutually loved and couldn’t be together. This kind of on-again, off-again just a circle of destiny. The predestined fate of you two was over but still stay together because got imprecation from heaven. I can’t help you to relive the imprecation but I can take you to the nirvana and let you blossom on the road to paradise.” thereupon, put it into his garment. Buddha’s garment was got wet when passed by acheronte of hell and that bewitchingly red majusaka already turned into white when Buddha reached paradise. He laughed while contemplation “exultation not as good as overwhelming sorrow, forget is better than recollection and how to distinguish right or wrong—such a great flower.” Buddha planted this white flower in the paradise called “mandarava” and “paradise flower”.

However, majusaka dropped all of its red color into the river after discoloration.

Ksitigarbha threw a seed into river after knew that mandarava already lived in paradise, in a trice, there was a brilliant red and more bewitching flower came up in the water. Ksitigarbha hold it and sighed “you already got free and shambhu. I let you be a messenger which guide them walk to samsara. There’s mandarava in the paradise thus call you majusaka.”
Lotus is sacred, saintly, virtuous and parisuddha—peace and serene and it represents wisdom and consciousness and called “enlightenment”— lotus lives in the slit without pollution. Bodhisattva was born from the annoyance of life and death but never disturb by it.

Epiphyllum—auspicious sign and omen.




I was keen on drawing fairies albeit couldn’t get the effect that I want-butterfly, peacock, flower, nature fairies because they’re magical and mysterious and they always bring happiness, contentment, serenity and peacefulness to humanity no matter in movies or other art forms. Probably everything has a fairy to bless them.

From 2008-2015

Particulary-Peony-PS and I stopped drawing peony to draw rose because I felt that I couldn’t get desirable effect with PS.


This one started at 6-8-2017.



10-8-2016 -wings added at 5-4-2017



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