Military Training of China’s high school and university

Military training as study—“teachers lead students into study but what they will get and remember due to their self-cultivation.”
This kind of military training is to train students have strict military discipline and team spirit because at least a row will be punished if one of them faulted.
The intension of military training of high school is far less than university as we can back to classroom to have a rest once raining and the interval of rest is longer.
Some universities took students to the army and our university let us did military training in the university because close to an army, furthermore, we would disturb the training of the army if we went to the army because we’ve great numbers. We only went the army to complete our course of gun.
Most of universities have 15 days training and we had been training 21 days from 8-23 to 9-13. The intension of students is far less than soldiers.
We got up at 6 am and assembled at 6:30 am. Drillmaster announced rules: you guys can be moved even wipe perspiration and scratched when mosquito bit after I let you guys do it when standing, or will be punished as another half hour.
Raining in the morning and solarization at afternoon in August in SiChuan, therefore, we were kidding as “sky always helps us to wash clothes and automatic dry in the afternoon.”
Training: morning: two hours standing, formation drill (turn left, right and about-face), forward march, parade step and field zipper (with ambulance).

Afternoon: formation drill (turn left, right and about-face), forward march and parade step.
Night: night watch to 3 am and emergency muster sometime at midnight.
Standing: fingers cling to the seams of trousers, lift the chest and raise head.
Forward march and parade step: semi-clench the fist. Decomposition of movement and “one command one move”.
Forward march: arm motion: drillmaster “1”—left & “2”—right. Leg action: as normal walking-1—raise leg, 2—take a step.
Parade step: arm motion: right arm: Rise to chest—back swing. Leg action: 1—lift crotch, 2—raise leg, 3—forward lean and press foot to tamp the ground.
Motion blending: command—1-2-1( left-right-left)
Tidbits: lot of female students swooned because lack of physical strength and they’ll be sent to the hospital of university to recover. Some of shirks of acting department pretended to faint to escape training but professor detected and asked professors of acting department to watch and find those dishonest students, and all of them had to do one more training as penalty when they were sophomore.
We felt remarkably relaxed when it was over and our little united platoon got “pacesetter” as reward—reward was that we could walk one more time to show to all of students and platoons.


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