The cultural discrepancies of China’s South and North

The cultural differences of China’s South and North are tremendous, let alone the differences among the states—Character, family education, living habits, eating, etc.

My family is a representative amalgamation of South and North—father is from ChengDu, SiChuan; mother is from BeiJing thus conflict is inevitable and all of conflicts are domestic trifles as live habits and all of conflicts appeased by dad’s tolerance and forbearance. However, they have one unanimous consensus—father taught me because northerner seldom or never educated by parents or northerner never had or cared those complicate family education as southerner. Dad patiently and meticulously taught me from study, life and psychology, and dad never hit and swore at anybody and was keen on elucidating reason and cause of everything. Mother’s way of doing thing is simple and rude. Therefore, I have been unconditionally supporting dad till now because dad is more judicious, reasonable and impartial. Dad told me that “Weaken one’s spirit by seeking pleasures—play games, toys or any stuff can be indulged and addicted” from I had memory.

North of QinLing mountain and Huai River is North, South of them is South.
The way of doing thing of Southerner is meticulous. In contrast, the war of northerner is simple and rude.
The way of Southern education is delicate and distinctively different with rude, tyrannical and unconstrained Northerner.
Southerner feels that northerner is discourteous and absence of family education because they gorged and guzzled and clamored at anywhere.
Probably northerner thought that southerner has lot of complicate and elaborate etiquettes, family education and domestic discipline (Generally, discipline made by family ancestors).
Art: dance:
North: XinJiang dance, Mongolia dance, yangko, etc, and almost all of these dances are enthusiastic, ebullient and unrestrained.
South: Dai nationality dance from YunNan—peacock dance and all of southern dances are euphemistic, charming and delicate.
Southerner is leaner than northerner because southerner eats rice and northern eats noodle and flour.
The southern food is spicy and hot—hot pepper and Pricklyash peel. Northern food is insipid and salty.
Style of Cooking:
South: SiChuan cuisine, HuNan cuisine, GuangDong cuisine etc. However, north is absence of independent cuisine as ShanDong cuisine.
Southern food is elaborate and meticulous on every minutia and northern food is simple and rough.


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