Human Life depends on people’s attitude—optimistic and positive or depraved and lackadaisical.

A gorgeously fascinating manor will be a waste land without trimming.- A highbred well cultivated person will be the rubbish if deprave for a long time.

Therefore, manor need frequently trim and the human thought need forge and cultivate to sublimate.

There is lot of things need to start from very beginning, step by step and can’t be rushed from study to hobbies as getting knowledge, human cognition, mature, drawing, dance and all of skills.

Drawing & Dance

Very Beginning




We learned lines and traditional Chinese painting (draw on rice paper—Raw paper and Xuan paper) and Chinese calligraphy first then learned sketch. Somebody’s keen on drawing traditional Chinese painting by Chinese brush but I was keen on drawing sketch by pencil because sketch is more real than traditional Chinese painting—impressionism, particularly drawing elaborate details because traditional Chinese painting controls the volume of water to control the degree of drenching on rice paper.


Traditional Chinese painting from Great Master-Qi BaiShi and Zhang DaQian


The superiority of pencils is that depict more meticulous details and exquisite pictures with a suitable background.



My drawing-Equilibrum


My drawing-Clairvoyance


Drawing and dance are similarities—both of them need to create by heart and feeling to convey artists’ thought, and both of them are not that concrete as literals. All of these three could embody same theme— world, humanity, nature, emotion, life, reality, etc.

Drawing is a constantly additional process that shows the progress from emptiness to everything— keep contemplating how to make art works perfect; dancing shows the progress of contemplation that every movement consummately match music or music match movements, even remix music to get optimal effect with virtuosity and smooth movement linkage—movement and music integrate as a whole to precisely convey artists’ thought and feeling.

Most of drawings are individual works and depicting minutia by pen; dance can be solo and can be team work thus dance need mutually perfect coordination—team spirit—dancers and choreographers are strict with themselves that keep restarting even just a little flaw and keep practicing till rehearsal because everybody want to show the most consummate effect to audience—depicting minutia by body language. In the case of China, a dance will be entirely reworked dozens times with all members once one of dancers faulted no matter when and where particularly when that dance almost achieved—we found out that teacher and us can’t over strictly censure that one who faulted or kept faulting because error will be constantly occurred if she felt depressed because she already felt compunction and was afraid of supersede by others thus teacher always indicated errors and encouraged us. Therefore, dance needs high team work and this kind of experience is infinitely precious in China—mutual encouragement, learn from others’ strength and shorten the gap, share experience and mutual appreciation, moreover, most of China’s education is criticism— “blame others only but never introspection” with “deep-rooted bad habit” of the Chinese—jealousy and comparing phenomenon.

The consummate combination of drawing and dance is that when painting is the stage background of a dance to embody and reinforce the theme to make a consummately dynamic picture scroll with dance.


Peafowl and Lotus






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