Excerpt of Buddhism Sutra-“Buddhavatamsaka-mahavaipulya-sutra”&”Buddha said-loving-kindness of parents is too heavy to reimburse Sutra”

Buddhism indoctrinates and enlightens all beings, however, never enlightened those incorrigible humanities.
China’s Buddhism taught us tolerance, filial piety —not conservative bigots obey parents but family love, consideration, solicitude, forbearance and tolerance.—benevolent heart and rationally treat all of problems without any prejudice. Dharmas never tolerate any kind of malevolence, iniquity and immorality even little as needle, let alone salacious and devious thought.

“大方广佛华严经”—Excerpt of “Buddhavatamsaka-mahavaipulya-sutra”—

One of significant sutras of Mahayana

Karma—benevolent people and evil people will be rewarded in the end. This sutra makes human beings rational.
大: Encompassment, 方:standard, 广:immensity and Dharma is vast and boundless.                佛:The people who can realize the encompassment, standard and immensity of dharma.                                                                                                                                                       华:The analogy of achievement of completes the myriad moral integrity.                                     严: All behaviors from consciously want to practice Buddhism to Buddhahood.
Showing unfathomable profundity Buddhahood by“严”is called “佛华严”.

The root of this sutra is karma, cause and origin. Bodhisattva started to practice Buddhism by Bodhicitta—the heart of Buddhahood and expeditiously entered the karma of Buddha-stage. And this manifested that immeasurably spacious mind, the origin in endless, practical spirit and noble ideal—charity, self-discipline and social commitment, etc. The place of buddhahood is solemn and scared shrine.

“佛说父母恩重难报经”— Excerpt of “Buddha said that loving-kindness of parents is too heavy to reimburse Sutra”


Buddha told Anan: “you have to listen to my explanation: mother suffered miserable 10 months because of pregnancy. First month, baby condensed in the morning and dispersed at noon as dewdrop. Second month, baby is as freezing grease. Third month, baby started to blood coagulation. Forth month, baby slightly shapes figure. Fifth month, baby started to form five cells—head, two elbows and two knees. Sixth month, baby started to open six essence—eyes, ears, nose, mouth, tongue and consciousness. Seventh month, baby started to shape 360 joints of bones and 84,000 hairs. Eighth month, baby started to generate consciousness and nine orifices. Ninth month, baby stared to suck essences in mother’s abdomen. —food of baby congealed by mother’s blood. Tenth month, baby can be born after shaped. Filial child clasped hands with serene nativity and mother never felt painful. Contrarily, child hurt mother’s abdomen, tear mother’s heart and liver, and tread mother’s crotch makes mother felt heart cut by thousands knives and blades. Baby birthed after mother suffered heavy afflictions.”


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